The local Traveler

What if we could edit our life?

Posted by Kwalker396 on March 20, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Filming for The Local Traveler Show hosted by Amy Hess was an awesome experience. I was very nervous at first, but then Amy was able to ease my nerves. She said, “Just be your self. Act like we are having a conversation over coffee (or wine:-)”. Well something clicked. I felt this huge wave of calmness go through me. I was relaxed and actually enjoyed having this televised discussion about me and how I make my jewelry.
The local Traveler

The total time it took to film was about 45 minutes. This included time in between to get the jewelry organized, and set up to demonstrate how I actually make a cane. I get asked by probably 90% of my customers how in the world I make my jewelry. I don’t always have the room to actually demo so this show will be a great opportunity for people to see how I roll my canes.
If you haven’t seen The Local Traveler, it’s an Emmy award winning show that features food, art and other homemade goods from the residents in Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s an hour long show and usually features 2 different people.

This particular show was filmed at the Kentucky Proud Market and features 5 other talented guests. Of the actual 45 minutes it took, I will probably only be on for about 15 minutes. That’s ok. Editing out any ums, stutters, or oops, is just fine with me. This fact got me thinking. What if we could edit our life? The idea of only showing the “good” parts made me much more relaxed than I normally would be. Knowing that, if I messed up, or started drooling all over myself, it didn’t have to be included in the actual airing, was enough to make me be myself. BUT if real life was like this, we would never really experience the reality of learning from our mistakes. After all, that’s what life is really all about, isn’t it? Life’s numerous experiences,good and bad. How we learn and grow from these experiences is what makes us who we are. So if we edit those out, we become what?
Well, I hope you tune in April (tba) on WKYT Saturday morning. If you don’t get WKYT, I will definitely post on my webpage.