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New Pendant Passions Monthly Delivery

Where have you been?

Many of you haven’t seen my jewelry in a while for a few reasons.  The main reason being that I am currently living in Indonesia while my husband works a contract job.  The second reason is I had put my clay making on hold and chose products that were readily available here in Indonesia.  The third reason is I used to keep jewelry for sale at Elk Creek Vineyards Art Gallery, however, they are no longer selling for local artists.  For this reason, my jewelry making has  been limited to special orders for friends and family.

After these past couple years, I have decided to do something totally different with my jewelry!  The biggest challenge for me was trying to create designs that people would order.  The problem was not being able to create exactly what they wanted or, not feeling motivated to design something spectacular.  Also, sometimes losing focus by doing butterflies or dragonflies.

By removing these constraints, I was able to think of a different way to make and market my jewelry.  I enjoy the creative process and finding inspiration in the pendants that I create.  By focusing on designing my clay canes and flowers, instead of what how many pendants I need to fill an order, the time became enjoyable once again.

Through this thinking, I thought about how I used to sell at our local market every Friday throughout the summer months.  The challenge to come up unique designs every week (so my customers did not grow bored) was awesome!  Missing this challenge and interaction by living in Indonesia, I came up with this monthly shipment idea.  And, I wanted this monthly program to be as simple as possible and at the same time deliver a little bit of sunshine every month!

The Pendant Passions Program works like this:

Purchase your First Month Package.  This includes (1) Pendant, (1) Neck Wire and free shipping.  You neck wire will be included even if you have chosen to upgrade your necklace to a sterling silver or gold chain.

Woman's Pendants

When you order your package, you will see you Pendant Preference Form.  Fill out accordingly and this information will be kept on file for our pendant reference.

My Pendant Profile

My Pendant Profile

After completing your purchase

You can expect your delivery the next month.  We will send an email notice to you or your friend if you have selected it as a gift.  Shipments will always be sent on the 10th (unless it is a holiday or Sunday, then it will go out on the weekday before.)

You should expect your shipment within 3-7 business days depending on the time of the year.  If  it has been longer than 10 business days, please contact us.


We want you to be happy with your pendant delivery and wear it with a smile!  If, when you receive your pendant, you are not happy with it, you can return it to us, no problem.  Return instructions will be included in your shipment.  You can also contact us for more details.

The Upcoming Months

After your first month, you will automatically be in our monthly delivery system.  Your shipment and card will be charged on the 10th.  Each month your pendant charge will be $20 (less any discounts).  If you have any upgrades such as earrings, that will also be charged at the same time.

Cancelling Your Shipment

Because we wanted to make this as simple as possible, I have decided to offer a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation policy after your first months shipment.  If you decide you really don’t want a pendant every month, or if you have decided you have had enough sent, then you can cancel any time!  How easy is that?

I’m Ready to Order!

If you think this Pendant Passions Monthly Delivery is for you, you can go ahead and sign up to receive our 50% off promo for only our first 100 customers and notice for our first delivery month.  We have estimated shipping by early December (just in time for Christmas).  Once you sign up for your discount, rest assured we will not spam your email.  Our contact will be limited to notifying you of our first delivery month, updating you on any changes to the programs, offering limited time promotions and confirmation of your shipment.

I’m still not convinced…

If you aren’t sold on the monthly delivery, we do have some 4 other options.

  1. You can order the First Month, and then cancel after that.
  2. You can order our 3 in 1 package where you get (3) pendants and (1) neck wire shipped at one time.
  3. You can order our 3 month package, where you will get only (3) months of pendant shipments, and then you are finished.  No additional fees will be charged.  This is perfect as a gift for your loved one.
  4. You can simply sign up to stay updated on our progress and possibly join at a later date.  (Although, you risk missing out on the 50% off discount!)

We hope you are as excited as we are about this program!  If you have questions are recommendations for us, please don’t hesitate to connect or chat with us now!