My New Design Inspiration

I have always designed my jewelry with inspiration from nature and its’ colorful patterns.  Particularly from flowers and close up views of their details.

When we first came to Indonesia, I decided not to bring my clay with me.  It is so hot here, and I was afraid how well it would travel, store and “bake”.  However, I quickly became bored with no creative outlet and soon started working with copper and brass wire.  Both readily available commodities here in South East Asia.  You can read more about this in my blog post from 2014.

About a year ago, I finally decided to bring my clay and tools to Indonesia with me, and I am so glad I did!  I have not been working on it as much as I did in America, but lately, I’ve been inspired once again.  This weekend, after snorkeling with my husband while he went spearfishing, I noticed much more than just the beautiful corals and fishes!

Pendant Passions Inspirations                 

I noticed these beautiful clams of all different colors hidden inside the corals.  It was like little neon lights popping out of so many corals everywhere. Amazing!  Beautiful blues and greens and even some reds!  Some were even cleverly camouflaged inside of other corals.  The coolest patterns, and I realized instantly it would be an awesome challenge to try to incorporate these patterns and colors into my newest designs!


After all, what better inspiration than my most favorite place to explore!  The underwater sea…

And so, please join me in my journey and follow me as I try to incorporate these delicate designs into your monthly pendant deliveries.  I hope you all will love them!