My Jewelry has Changed

My Jewelry has changed…

Posted by Kwalker396 on November 9, 2014 at 9:50 AM

Since we were moving to Indonesia, I decided not to bring my polymer clay. It’s so hot and I wasn’t sure how the clay would be to work with, if it would be to soft, and if it would have trouble hardening up in the oven here.
polymer clay pendantsGiraffe PendantHalloween Pendants

After taking several months off of not making any jewelry, my creative bug was starting to itch. A lot! So I headed to the local hardware store. Here, that would be Ace Hardware. So funny to us US Expats as we haven’t seen an Ace hardware since we were kids.

After walking up and down the aisles looking for inspiration and something to jump out at me, I came to the wire aisle. Endless hooks filled with copper, brass and steel wire of all different sizes and colors. I was inspired! It hit me. AND it was all 50% off to boot! My husband helped me pick out 10 or so spools and I ran home to do some research. I knew there was so many possibilities. I worked briefly with wire wrapping in the early stages of my polymer clay days. I would make some designs and add some clay for inside the wire frame for a unique accent.
Starting small, I decided to try my hand at some earrings. Then, moved on to bracelets. I love to make bracelets. And I especially like Cuffs. So my first project was a wire cuff. It turned out so nicely, but took me forever to finish. Forever meaning more than 2 days. And it took lots of wire. I enjoyed making it, but I needed to come up with a new design. I found some really pretty designs featuring swirls at the end of each wire. I just LOVE swirls! So I made a triple wire bracelet. Turned out just beautiful. BUT, I found after wearing it, it got caught on EVERYTHING! I like a simple, non complicated jewelry design. I definitely do not want it to catch on my clothes and cause unnecessary runs. I had to think of something else.

Simple Peacock BraceletsBracelets Early collage

In the mean time, I found a wonderful tutorial in Instructables called The Hardware Bracelet. This was just what I needed. I had everything I needed on hand to make this. It was very fun to make AND I could get 4 or 5 done in a day. PERFECT!

weaved braceletsweaved bracelets 2

Let’s revisit the swirl bracelet. There has to be a way to make this swirl bracelet and keep the swirls from catching on everything. Also, the problem was that the swirls would catch, they would bend out of place. This was unacceptable. I decided to continue the wire weave up along the “ribs” and to the swirls so that they would be “tacked” down. This worked out perfect and look so beautiful with the contrasting colors as well.
In the following picture, you will see all of my first designs with this new wire medium. Hopefully there will be much more in the near future!
Handmade Wire Peacock Bracelet
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