History of Mother’s Day

Brief history of the Happy Mothers Day

Posted by Kwalker396 on April 15, 2013 at 1:35 PM

As a member of the Owen County Arts Council, we are working on our Annual event, “Sweet Owen Arts in the Park”. This year, however, we have changed the date to the 2nd Saturday in May as opposed to the 3rd Saturday in May. With this in mind, it looks like we have planned well in that it falls on the day before Mothers Day. This should make for some good shopping.
With Mother’s Day on the brain, I thought I should make A Mothers Bracelet for myself to celebrate my baby girl and 3 step daughters. And then I thought, “I know lots of people who would LOVE to have one too!” SO, I’ve decided to start making Mother’s Bracelets again. Something that I used to always used to make. I wrote the child’s name with letter beads and used Swarovski Crystals as the birthstones. They were always a big hit. I may make my own letter beads out of polymer clay. What do you think?
Shortly after this brainstorm, I pondered, “When was Mother’s Day started?” This brings us to your brief history lesson for the day. Very brief, because the actual history is very long winded and boring. 🙂
Back in 16th Century Europe, Mother’s Day originally honored the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ. It was celebrated on the 4 Sunday of Lent. They would decorate the church with Jewels, flowers and other offerings.
In 17th Century England it was called “Mothering Day” and was expanded to include Real Live Mothers. Servants and trade workers were allowed to travel back to their home towns to visit their own family.
When the English settlers came to North America, they did not continue to celebrate “Mothering Day”. Although there is no written reason, it is believed that they just didn’t have time to enjoy because of such harsh living conditions and long hours of work.
It wasn’t until centuries later that the first American Mothers Day Proclamation was recognized. Julia Ward Howes was distraught about the Civil War Carnage. She called for an international Mother’s Day celebrating peace and motherhood.
Few cities followed the tradition at first, but it wasn’t declared a National Holiday until 1912 by Woodrow Wilson. And now, more than a century later we have our modern Mother’s Day. A day when you better call, write a card, or send flowers (or a Mothers Bracelet) to your loving Mother!
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you Mother’s Day Central for your awesome information.